The Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) is the oldest agricultural university in Cambodia, and its vision is to become a top research university in agricultural sciences in Cambodia. RUA has partnered with various projects of Feed the Future Innovation Labs (ILs) under financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). RUA cooperates with USAID to establish the Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN) in Cambodia.

The CE SAIN housed in Cambodia’s RUA helps improve food and nutritional security in Cambodia by supporting agricultural research and education and promoting innovation. It works closely with RUA to improve the skills and knowledge of public sector agricultural workers and to foster growth in the private sector.  To meet this goal, the Center was established as a platform to allow scientists and practitioners to demonstrate their innovative agriculture technologies to citizens, policy makers, and donor agencies.

CE SAIN is the focal point for activities of ILs conducting research in partnership with their Cambodian partners and other donor institutions.  CE SAIN aims to connect ILs with the RUA, students, field technicians, government, and the private sector.  CE SAIN is also responsible for providing coordination support to the ILs, USAID/Cambodia’s implementing partners, and other government, donor, and private sector programs.  CE SAIN can potentially assist with logistical arrangements for ILs and other Feed the Future projects as well.


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