Lecture Series on April 03, 2019

CE SAIN Lecture Series on April 03, 2019

April 03, 2019: The Center of Excellence on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification and Nutrition (CE SAIN Cambodia) of Royal University of Agriculture (RUA) facilitated a lecture series on “Development of Mobile Applications for Weather Forecast and Sustainable Crop Advisory: Khmer Smart Farming App” presented by Ms. Celia del Campo Aragonés, Agriculture and Climate Change Advisor, Dan Church Aid (DCA).

Ms. Celia del Campo Aragonés is currently working as Technical Officer for Dan Church Aid (DCA) in Cambodia. In her role, she works for issues relating to Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change in the field of digital innovation. Previously, she had different experiences with several organizations and companies working mainly in Europe, but also in Asia and Africa. Her tasks have included advocacy, advisory, project management and fundraising in the areas of agroecology, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and renewable energy. She has designed and coordinated extension programs in the areas of soil fertility, crop protection, the design of agroecosystems and agroecological markets. She has carried out assessments and farm-level monitoring systems. She holds MSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Alcala (Spain), with a one-year exchange program from the University of Gloucestershire (United Kingdom) focused on geography and agriculture in the development context. She has a strong interest in the promotion of agroecology to transform food systems into an ecologically sustainable and socially fair form of agriculture. (Click here for slide presentation 3.0 MB)

The lecture shared about the development of Khmer Smart Farming app (Android OS) which provides information for growing crop to farmers by using smartphones. The app gives recommendations to farmers to choose what crops should be cultivated based on weather condition in Cambodia.

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